Chronogram of actions

January to February 2017

Ellipse celebrates 100 editions with chocolate and the exhibition

New bicycle parking

Edit-a-thon on Women and Science

The PRBB participates in the 1st edition of the YOMO 2017 (MWC)

Internal crisis communication workshop

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March to April 2017

Reportage “Animals under the magnifying glass” (in Spanish) on the PRBB animal facility in the TVE program Repor

Anniversary of the European Research Council (ERC)

Energy rating of the PRBB building

Signature act EMBL-MEC

Organization of the March for Science at the PRBB

Start of the construction works for UPF and EMBL

Oriol Junqueras visits the PRBB

Award ceremony of the XII PRBB Prize and II Edition BioJunior Festival

Act of support for the candidature of BCN for the EMA

Remodeling of the cafeteria

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May to June 2017

First edition of the PRBB Health Week

Smoke free spaces in the inner courtyard and the outer perimeter of the PRBB.

New contracts and annexes agreed with the centers

Adaptation of the data centre and first servers of the EMBL

Forum “Animal experimentation for human diseases
at the PRBB

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July to September 2017

Concert “Bizet meets the Lion King” in Santa Coloma

BBC Arabic filming (ZeClinics, Proteomics and UPF)

Specific assessment of psychosocial risks

Delivery of the new spaces on floor -1 to EMBL and CRG

Publishing of the tutorial “Manipulating the Xenopus”

The PCB-PRBB Alliance participates in a publication in Cell

New website of the Choir and the Orchestra

Finals of the PRBB Beach Volleyball Championship and summer party

World Café on integrity in publishing science by the PRBB Good Scientific Practice group


October to November 2017

First contract as a service provider of the animal facility (IRB)

New heat production central

New access control system

Forum: “Animal experimentation, a highly regulated need …” at the PCB

Talk and lunch with young researchers with the Nobel laureate Jules Hoffmann

Delivery of the floors 7 and 8 to the UPF

10th edition of the PRBB OpenDay

48H OpenHouse

2nd edition of “Young Scientists” at the PRBB and at schools

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December 2017

Workshop of self-knowledge and team building for the animal facility

Christmas concert with the choir and the orchestra of the PRBB

Renewal of credit lines