PRBB: the most ERC grants per square metre in the world

2017 has seen the 10th anniversary of the European Research Council (ERC) and scientists in the PRBB centres celebrated with them, as they have been highly successful in attracting ERC funding.

Over the past 10 years a total of 22 projects have been financed with approximately 50 M€, making the PRBB the building with most ERC grant-holders per square metre. In 2008, Ben Lehner from the CRG received the first of the park’s 9 Starting Grants (1-1.5M€), of which 6 are still active. There are also 9 Advanced Grants (2-2.5M€) held at the CRG, IMIM, UPF, IBE and ISGlobal, representing 9% of all those grants received in Spain (104). The CRG and UPF-IBE received two Consolidator Grants (2M€) and the CRG was additionally awarded 1 Proof-of-concept (150,000€). In 2014, a Synergy Grant, which with 12M€ is by far the largest project funded, was granted to Thomas Graf, Miguel Beato, Marc Martí and Guillaume Filion at the CRG.

The European Commission established the ERC in 2007 with the mission to encourage excellent frontier research in Europe through competitive funding, supporting top researchers across all fields and of any nationality. In its ten years, it has funded almost 7,000 scientists.